Welcome to Mid Plant Services

At Mid Plant Services, we're your reliable source for new and cost-effective excavator parts for a wide range of brands used in earthmoving, contract mining, quarrying, and construction. Whether you operate Korean giants like Daewoo/Doosan and Hyundai, established Japanese brands like Hitachi, Komatsu, CAT, and Sumitomo, or utilize reliable Chinese machinery, we have the parts you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Unmatched Expertise for All Your Needs: 

Our team boasts over 30 years of experience in the earthmoving industry.  They have a deep understanding of excavator parts and functionality across these various brands, allowing them to provide exceptional support and answer any questions you may have.  Whether you're a seasoned operator or new to the field, we're here to help you maximize the performance and longevity of your equipment.

Streamline Your Operations and Maximize Performance:

We understand the importance of keeping your projects on schedule and within budget. Our extensive inventory of parts across leading brands (including Daewoo/Doosan, Hyundai, Hitachi, Komatsu, CAT, Sumitomo, and Chinese machinery) allows you to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Plus, our knowledgeable staff can recommend the right parts for your specific equipment and application, essentially providing expert support to streamline your operations and maximize your equipment's performance.

Keep Your Equipment Running

Mid Plant Services offers a comprehensive selection of excavator parts to keep your machines operating at peak performance. From essential components like Hitachi main hydraulic pumps (HPV102, HPV118 & HPV145) and Rexroth AP2D28 hydraulic pumps to a variety of buckets (including DX225 trenching buckets, 20-ton and 30-ton buckets), we have the parts you need to tackle any job.

Additionally, we stock and sell a full range of replacement spare parts for the K3V - K5V main hydraulic pump and the M2X - M5X swing motors. This comprehensive selection includes, but is not limited to:

- Hydraulic pump parts K3V & K5V________________________ - Swing Motor Parts M2X-M5X

- Final Drives/Motors___________________________________ - Travel Reductions and Motors

- Motor Seal Kits______________________________________  - Hydraulic Pump Seal Kits

- Engine Build Kits____________________________________   - Doosan D1146, DE08, DB58, DE08, DE12 & DX Engine Spares

- Track Adjusters______________________________________  - Swing Bearings

- Valve Banks_________________________________________  - Centre Joints

- Hammer Moils_______________________________________  - Crankshafts DB58, DE08, D1146, DE12 & DX

By offering these essential parts, we empower you to maintain, repair, and optimize your excavator's performance, regardless of the brand.